Whether you are looking for classes to enrich your children life, or have aspirations as a professional dancer, you will feel at home with us.

We help you dancing the life you want

At Magic Dance Studio we believe that learning to dance is a gift, a skill and a love that can enrich life. It is a wonderful way to nurture body and mind, and can also fill the soul.  

Dance, is the first impulse to communicate, to express, exists long before spoken language; It relates the human being with nature where animals, mammals, birds, insects, fish … dance with specific purposes of courtship, signaling dangers, location of food, territorial struggles … and dance with choreography and codes passed down by generations. Dance are rhythmic bodily movements that follow a pattern, usually accompanied by music and serve as a form of communication or expression. Every human being has the quality of expressing himself through movement. Dance is the transformation of normal functions and common expressions into unusual movements for extraordinary purposes, for example, an action as normal as walking, performing in dance in an established way, in circles or in a specific rhythm and within a specific situation.



The dance can include a pre-established vocabulary of movements, such as ballet and folkloric dance, or symbolic gestures can be used or certain common actions can be used as mimic, that is, without speaking, only with the body language, an example of this is the dance from as far away as China or Japan. Likewise, dance manifests itself in different ways according to where it comes from, and that is why they usually reveal a lot about their way of life.

Our instructors and choreographers train all our students in the hopes that they will embrace dance as a lifelong joy.

dance classes

C 1 - Classes


With our Pointe classes, dancers will look like sylph-like. Pointe technique encompasses both the mechanical and artistic aspects of pointe work.

C 2 - Classes


Our pre-ballet classes provides an opportunity for your child to take their first steps into the world of dance. They will be learning the basics of ballet and dance, in a fun and supportive environment.
C 3 - Classes

Classical ballet

This wonderful world is the start of a life-long passion. Our goal is to create a strong versatile dancer. The curriculum allows steps to be introduced as the body is ready, making the dancer successful. 

C 4 - Classes


We expand and develop musicality and phrasing and build skills that create a well-rounded, technically strong and advanced jazz dancer.

C 5 - Classes


Our lyrical dancer flows in a series of expressive moves that translate a range of emotions often culminating in sustained movements. Lyrical is a wonderful blend of technique and musicality.

C 6 - Classes


Hip hop is a genre of dance derived from a variety of street dance styles. Our Hip Hop classes are high energy, multi leveled and family friendly. We use age appropriate and clean music. 

C 7 - Classes


Learning and performing belly dance can do wonders for self esteem, self confidence, and promote positive body image! designed to power muscles in your core, legs, arms, and back.

C 9 - Classes


Our instructors will guide the class towards increased balance, flexibility, muscle control, strength, discipline and concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique.

C 8 - Classes


It refers to types of Latin American ballroom dance and folk dance. Our students in this class learn all the popular Latin dances including the Cha Cha, Merengue, Rumba, Tango and Salsa.

C 18 - Classes


Flamenco dance is authenticity, explosion of energy, syncronism, technical precision, elegance and much more. It is great for all children, offering them the opportunity to enter into this marvelous world.

C 19 - Classes


This is a style of expressive dance. Our contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements, and can perform to many different styles of music.

c 20 - Classes


We strives to create a healthy atmosphere of guided practice in the disciplines and principles of dance techniques, with special attention to alignment, movement qualities, breath and expression.


1 HOUR per week - $ 65.00 per month

2 HOURS per week - $ 95.00 per month

3 HOURS per week - $ 115.00 per month

4 HOURS per week - $ 135.00 per month

5 HOURS per week - $ 155.00 per month

5 HOURS per week - $ 170.00 per month

5 HOURS per week - $ 190.00 per month

UNLIMITED HOURS - $ 222.00 per month





private classes

1 HOUR - $ 55.00

1/2 HOUR - $ 30.00


We want our dancers to dance as well as possible, and to do it, they must dress as well as possible! Our dress code applies to all classes. Students must come to class in dance attire with their dance shoes every week.  Specific requirements by class are as follows: 

TABLE2 - Classes

Magic Dance SCHEDULE information

Magic 2: 14285 SW 42nd St suite 201. Miami, Fl 33175

sq magic 2 - Classes

Magic 1: 13911 SW 42nd St suite 210. mIAMI, fL 33175

SQ MAGIC 1 - Classes


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 Being involved in our Dance academy is a wonderful way for students to excel in their dance discipline, bond with their fellow dancers, and have fun! It is our hope that each dancer grows to his or her full potential, and that being a member of a company promotes a love of dance and a sense of strength and pride.